Guess Who - Game

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Male? Yes
European? Yes
Active after 1/1 2010? No
Active after 1/1 2000? Yes
GT participant? Yes
From country with GT? Yes
Rode 2002 Tour? No
Did he ride any GT in 2002? Yes
Does his home country two other GT countries? No
Does his home country border more than three countries? No
Did he ride his home country's GT in 2002? Yes
Did he finish it in the top-50? No
Finish the Vuelta in top-100 in 2002? No
Was 2002 the last year in which he rode a GT? Yes
Did he finish the 2002 Vuelta? No
Any non-Spaniards on his team's roster for that Vuelta? Yes
Was 2002 his last year as a pro? No YES, or maybe
Ricardo Valdes? No
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