Guess Who - Game

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GT stage winner? Yes

Older than 31? Yes
Luxembourger? No
On a French team? Yes
Is he Dutch? No
Older than 27? Yes
German? No
On a Belgian team? No
Did he ride De Ronde? No
From Southern Europe? No
Has he ridden a WT race this year? Yes
From a Nordic country? No
Did he start TotA? No
Will he be in Switzerland during the coming week? No
Will he be riding ride the Giro if things go according to plan? No
Is his team registered in his home country? No
European? Yes
On a WT team? Yes
Currently in Belgium? I would guess not
Active? Yes
Asian? No
Male? Yes
Ignatas Konovalovas? Yes (Of course you could argue that things already aren't going according to plan for his team... but since I think he's somewhat a part of Demare's band, I'd be surprised if he ends up doing the Giro.)

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