Guess Who - Game

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Polish team? Yes (You should be able to find him on a Polish team, that has also been Italian and San Marinese registered. But I remember now that PCS doesn't list him on their 2007 team, but he did ride for them and FirstCycling and Cycling Archives confirm this)
Big guy? Not in size.
Giuseppe Di Grande? Yes. He suffered from depression, which kept him out of the 2003 season, or it might have been a result of him not finding a team. A former winner of the Baby Giro and later a Giro stage winner and a Giro and Tour top 10 finisher. He tried to run away from the police during the 2001 Giro and was jailed for six months.

He also finished third in the 2006 Giro dell'Emilia.


Taller than Giuseppe Di Grande? (let's say he's 1.74)
Has more hair than Danilo Di Luca?
Younger than Davide Rebellin?