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Teams & Riders He's coming home!!!! Alejandro Valverde comeback thread.

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What will Valverde's impact be the cycling world in 2012

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May 23, 2016
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Since following the cycling sport, since 1997, I can say that this accident is without a doubt the biggest disappointment for me as a fan.

As a massive Jan Ullrich fan I always hold the fact that he didn't win the 2003 TDF with Bianchi as the biggest dissappointment. But what happened earlier today is even more sad for me.

What a shame, I have no words for it. Good luck Alejandro and may you come back healthy and stronger than ever.

Nairo Quintana, do Movistar proud!
SHAD0W93 said:
Wow. I read about it at work and was devastated. I hope he recovers fast and his career isn't ruined because of this.

Alex has already had a great career, but I hope it doesn't end this way. I'm not expecting him back this season, but if there is one thing we know about Alex, it is his drive.

DFA123 said:

Still smiling and looking like a boss, even in a hospital bed. Says the operation to his kneecap went well. And that he would only need the one good leg to win Fleche Wallonne next year anyway.

(One of the above statements may not be true).

Dan Martin's like;

Re: Re:

Valverde is a great cyclist.
I think he must feel sad when he is in fantastic form this year. TDF and coming WC are the races that he need.
As a cycling fan, I feel upset also. Team Sky too dominate and Movistar is one of the team could push pressure.

Think in positive way. I saw Jan Ullrich and Marco Pantani come from same generation. People treated them differently.
Even, Greg Lemond, could not enjoy the same as Pantani.

Valverde may be forced to end his career earlier. But this crash may make people miss him more.
Aug 16, 2013
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Asero831 said:
He will focus on Lombardia..

He will focus on 2018.

Come on guys. It's just stupid to think he will get back on a bike this season. Let's just give the guy the time to recover well. No need to rush with such horrible injuries.

Animo Bala!
This might be as well the end of a big career. At his age such a harsh injury and the long-time out easily means he won't come back to his current level ever again. I've seen that multiple times with soccer players at 33+ with the notable exception of the great Lothar Matthäus!

So a fracture in the kneecap, another in the talus (ankle), a "wound" to his tibia and one in his buttock. He won't be back this season, according to team doctors.

I have no medical expertise, but I'm pretty concerned about the longer term prognosis for his career. It's going to be a long time before he can put a significant load on the muscles in his leg again and he's no spring chicken.

jaylew said:
He'll certainly be back but the sad thing is there's a chance we may never see him at this level again.
Obviously my experience is purely my own and really has no bearing on Valverde's case, and this is just an opinion anyway, but I fractured my left knee in 2003 at age 28, and it took me over a year-and-a-half to really recover and get back to the same level. More like two years, really. (pics: https://twitter.com/joepabike/status/881698899043508224)

The first thing I thought when I saw Bala's crash was "career-ending".

I'm completely unqualified to say that objectively, but as a fan I was devastated. Valverde is really the only rider who captures my attention and who I follow now that Vinokourov is (long) retired. So many English-speaking cycling fans online seem to hate him, but idk...that's just made me happier to cheer for him. He is such a great talent and it would be an injustice for his career to be sputtered out, somewhat like happened to Beloki after his horror crash. (Though Valverde is much more accomplished than Beloki, I readily acknowledge.)

Idk...I'm sad for Valverde and sad for us, his fans. I've really enjoyed participating in this thread over the past couple of seasons and appreciated the chance to share with you all the great joy of watching Valverde win (except Worlds and Lombardia, of course).
Apr 9, 2017
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Yeah I think some people are underestimating the severity of this injury. This is the kind of injury that can make you never be the same rider again. At his age, it's definitely career threatening.

That said, I have immense respect for him, and he's without question one of the greatest riders in the modern peloton. If anybody can come back from this, it's him.
Reading that makes me depressed, JP.

Yes, season is over, but as long as its just that, I can definitely live with that. And while he might not reach his 2017 level again, thats not really a problem, guy can still win races if he is a little worse. And he probably will be. But never count Don Alejandro out.