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Teams & Riders He's coming home!!!! Alejandro Valverde comeback thread.

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What will Valverde's impact be the cycling world in 2012

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Oct 18, 2009
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Thanks Hithch for this thread. For me, during the last 2 seasons, i've been watching races but with less interests. Starting January, cycling will become more exciting.
it will be interesting to see if valverde is up to the heads of state's racing speeds next year. hope so. probably more so in the one day races and perhaps one week stage races than GTs. but you never know. it seems as though he has been training quite seriously.

imo he's the most complete rider overall. if that makes me a fanboy so be it.
valverde looks like he was born on a bike,still his style of racing never impressed me or made me a fan.but i'm looking forward to his comeback,hope he can deliver from april already.movistar loooking good for ardennes with visconti,rui costa and the leader valverde.make phil get those wins harder,alejandro!
Oct 28, 2010
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I guess he will shine at Spanish weeklong races, and some classics. Of course he wants to ride the Tour (and probably will ride) but anyway he isn't used to a three week's boredom, and tbh he isn't ready yet in 2012.

But in the end the most interesting thing for me in this thread is whether we'll see the brave heart, gutsy enough (or just with a sense of humour) to compare Valverde with a Snow Storm :D


done his time, welcome back.

wont challenge the giro or tour, may have enough form back for the vuelta. Could be interesting in the ardennes classics.

Not voting though as I consider the inclusion of things like Holocausts especially considering its rememberance day/week in a lot of countries is a little tasteless.
Race Radio said:
Did he get a new "Dog" or will he be working with the same guy Cadel/Lance/Vino used?

He's named his new dog "Cadel". This has numerous benefits.

1) If he wants to use Eufemiano again, and they go through his files, they find a file marked "Cadel" and Valverde's name won't be the first that springs up
2) If he's in the péloton, he can always wind Evans up about "Cadel dragging his *** on the carpet".
3) If he's talking smack about Evans to somebody else and Evans calls him out on it, he can claim he's talking about his dog and leave Evans to sulk somewhere else.
4) Like Piti, Cadel is an alsatian. This means that Cadel can terrorise Molly the little ratdog thing that Evans has.
5) It gives us endless scope to laugh at ACF about Cadel literally being Valverde's lapdog.