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What will Valverde's impact be the cycling world in 2012

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He also said this on the team site:

REACTION / Alejandro Valverde:
“I feel like I’m ready for Lombardia. At the Worlds I would of course have liked to be up there contesting the medals, but with the weather conditions we faced, it was just impossible for me to keep up. I’m still doing alright, I think, and took the start in this early October classics in Italy to not lose the racing pace before next Saturday. I’m willing to go for Lombardia. I tried to follow the main moves this weekend, and at that final climb I tried an attack just before the top, went away with those 6-7 riders and ended up beaten only by a sprinter like Colbrelli, so I’m satisfied.”
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So are you guys confident for tomorrow? I'm trying to decide how much - if any - of the race to watch live...or just go do something else (probably go birding) and catch the highlights. I really want Valverde to win, but ...
Yeah Il Lombardia is really easy to pinpoint in which part of the race you want to watch. You're wanna catch the Muro di Sormano, if nothing happens there you can go do something else for the next 30 minutes, then watch the finale with Civiglio and San Fermo
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So, Valverde will finish in the top 10 of the UCI ranking once more. That's his 14th top 10 finish in various UCI rankings (UCI rankings, World Tour, Pro Tour). Only in 2002, his first pro season, and in 2005 mainly due to injury at the Tour, he finished outside.
That's some amazing consistency and longevity. In terms of longevity I would put him in the company of Bartali, Coppi, Poulidor and Zoetemelk, but in terms of consistency I would dare to say that he's standing at the top step in the whole history of cycling.
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Coppi declined sharply after 1955 and also Zoetmelk in GTs wasn't competitive anymore at high levels after 1982 and his big results became fewer also in other races. Bartali and Poulidor were on another level beyond 36/37, Bartali had to have that terrible car accident, where he risked to loose a leg, in the fall of 1953 to see a big dip in his performances and Poulidor was still able to finish on the podium of the Tour in 1976 after turning 40 and he had only an off year in 1975.
So what will Mr. consistency do next year? Ideal scenario would be Ardennes, Tour for the 2/2,5 weeks, Olympics, Vuelta, Worlds and fall classics, but I'm afraid he won't quit the Tour until the end, so a safer scenario would be Giro, Olympics, Vuelta, Worlds.