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Do you love your Fitbit, but wish you could get more out of it? Just sync your Fitbit with the popular Strava app and enter a new world of fitness social media.

1. Download Strava
Download Strava on your smartphone or through the Fitbit app store. Good news: it's free. If you so desire, you can choose to pay for premium "Strava Summit" packs for extra perks - such as receiving training plans from professional coaches, product discounts and more.


2. Sync Strava & Fitbit
You can do this in your mobile or web app. Click here to access a quick and easy page that will help you sync your Fitbit with Strava. Once you're on the page, click connect and follow instructions. When you are prompted to log in to your Strava account, enter your login info or join via your Facebook / Google account. Once you're logged in, you'll have to review and authorize the kind of data you will be sharing once you're synced.


3. Enjoy Two-Way Integration
Now, whenever you go out for a ride or run with your Fitbit, it will be shared with Strava and will appear under your workouts. You can track your progress and see what new records you've left in your dust. Likewise, when you workout through Strava, your steps or calorie burning data will be shared with your Fitbit automatically. This will insure your "all day stats" are more up-to-date than ever, giving you a more well-rounded view of your overall wellness.


Follow these simple steps and take advantage of two powerful fitness tools at once.