Il Lombardia 2019, one day classic, October 12

A fun Italian article about Roglic (use Google translate):
Fans # 84 - Don't call it (him?) Robocop

From the article:
"At the Giro d'Italia I discovered that for the Italian public, Roglic was considered as a kind of robot, a cold computer from the East to win the Pink Race against our boys. An imagery constructed artfully by Rai commentators is not yet known for what strange reason, whether due to ignorance or the need for storytelling. In any case, given that most of the public in Italy watch the Giro d'Italia on Rai and given the little knowledge that the Italian public generally has of what happens abroad, the image of Roglic as Ivan Drago has depopulated everywhere. And it surprised me a lot, since in writing the first article that I dedicated during the Tour de France 2018 I had the impression of being in front of a very shy and emotional boy, determined yes but still inexperienced and disoriented in this new world in which he had just begun to enter. "
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