Isaac Del Toro thread

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That may be oversimplifying things a bit. Granted, Willunga Hill is not Alpe d'Huez, but it usually does not provide a bunch sprint. If yesterday's climb is any indication Luke Plapp is going quite well uphill. Del Toro wasn't really in the frame.
You are right, the problem with the included climbs is everything is just too short and not long enough to create any kind of selection. Too many punchy, thicker guys can survive most of the climbing. EF , I thought had a decent team is getting their jersey out there in these breakaway efforts. National pride has Australian Nats sending a guy, I get it. With his current form, coming off great results, not much travel, Plapp can give anyone a run for their money, he is racing great in every way, that includes being smart.
85 k to go, most teams not burning calories off the front , I hope a National team rider gets a result. I am a fan boy of The Toro ,because he is from Baja, but this race the jersey and the overall race can be lost from a mistake, small crash or flat, people are super jumpy because if something was to go away a little longer @15-20k from the finish could be enough for an overall victory, margins in TDU are always tiny!! Simmons, Plapp and a few others are certainly possibilities today..
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Damn. I did a forum search to see if there was a thread on Del Toro just last week, didn’t see one, and now I missed the first page! On the bandwagon.
You have not missed anything!!
He rode OK today, had some surge issues had 2-4 guys in front of him all day, rode mostly left side and when there was a couple of fast rollers near the end @20k Del Toro ended up in front of other UAE riders, the road got a little narrow and fast curves. He rode well, a pure sprinter won and first row was all sprinters, he was right there. Good day overall. They are all pros but the last 25k or so were fairly sketchy!
Somewhere online is his party in Revolution Park in Ensenada, an event held to congratulate him on his big victory last year. An excellent example of his roots and humility.
There are probably some things about his time at Monex, the team he was on before winning L'Avenir.. I am excited to watch his growth.. and I might have to wait a few years but if his horsepower keeps increasing along w his teammates, fun to watch.
In my opinion he has some characteristics of a Cam Meyer or Brad Wiggins, slides a little forward and then generates steady power for a long time. Yesterday his leg speed and acceleration were fan-f-cking-tasic!!!won him the race!!
Have you seen this kid around your neighborhood? I assume he did some racing just north of the line too?
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Have you seen this kid around your neighborhood? I assume he did some racing just north of the line too?
Sure I have seen him both before and after he exploded because of his L'Avenir breakout. He did from what I understand some races in the US, but he rode w Monex, which is a really quirky organization, mostly Latino everything but based in San Marino. He came to Baja to spend time with family, do some public appearances and pinch himself daily to come to the realization that he has a three year contract with the best team in bike racing.
Because of my age,weight, race, inability on the bike, I like him more because of his demeanor as a gentleman. During his community press conference he was asked typical questions about what bike racing is in his life and what it means to him. Gave heartfelt answers and when he was finished, couldn't tell if someone reminded him of something he had obviously forgotten to mention " oh yeah, I like getting paid a bunch of money also, that's really nice!!!" Everyone laughed.
What schedule do you ride del toro if you’re manager?
I think they might mimic what they did with Ayuso in '22. Something similar, not the exact same races per se. If he develops in the same way, send him to the Vuelta to learn. If not, skip Vuelta.

Imho this is going to become a problem for UAE sooner rather than later, especially with guys breaking through early. Then you have Pogacar and Almeida, still only 25. Ayuso is only a year older than Del Toro, Morgado is a year younger i believe. They signed Sivakov (26) who is still giving interviews about improving and winning a GT for himself. Even Yates is still +/-3 years younger than someone like Roglic. Not sure what plans with/for Vine are in that respect either.

We don't know whether Morgado will develop into a GC rider yet, but his dream is to also win the TDF one day. If he doesn't turn into a GC rider, he will definitely overlap with Pogacar for a lot of classics.

Honestly, i could see Almeida leave before his contract ends, if he can't show he needs to be 2nd in the pecking order after Pogacar this year. If at the Tour he gets overshadowed by Ayuso or god forbid Yates or Sivakov, with guys like Del Toro and Morgado coming soon...
He just has to hop up to Cali for lots of CX.
No cyclocross is not a thing in Mexico, like everything else there are probably a CX scene in the biggest cities like Mexico City or Monterrey..but have not seen anything in Baja.
Lots of serious Mexican racers from Northern Baja race in San Diego and Los Angeles frequently. Crits, road races and mountain bike racing all have a presence all over Mexico w places w measurable population.
There are a number of velodromes in Mexico and the places I have visited have been concrete or blacktop and no extreme banking.
Gravel racing has not taken off like North of the border but it's growing.
Del Toro is described as able to race road, mountain and cyclocross disciplines and people who know him well say he is lights out on a mountain bike, sort of hard to grasp that he is known for being a better mountain bike racer than road!!but nothing surprises me after what I am witnessing..
TDU remaining stages have me really really hopeful for his chances. I am super happy that race design doesn't have time bonus sprints available it causes the race to be more conservative from a strategy standpoint. UAE looks like they are protecting him and he is near the front as expected. And because of the similarities of Australian surroundings and Northern Mexico, Del Toro is right at home..*
and for those curious, he speaks English, but maybe not great when someone jams a microphone in your face seconds after you win your first race you entered in an all out sprint finish against world tour pros!!!
People, with good reason were already really proud of Isaac for his level of seriousness and accomplishments on the bike before any of this, these events are beyond anyone's wildest dreams and it's looking like things are in a dream state.
* it would have to be done by his mother* but I have seen a video of her going absolutely crazy w happiness when he won his stage(s) at L' Avenir..her utter joy translates from the video as she sees her son on say the least when I saw and heard her reaction it effected me....still does.
How about some one week stage races or single day? I’m gueeeing they wouldn’t run him a full calendar (beginning and end). Focus more on spring with this form and give him some time off races days later?
I think looking at Ayuso's schedule in '22 or Uijtdebroeks in '23 is shows that is certainly possible. Ayuso had a busy spring in '22 with 1 week races and some classics. His summers was a lot less busy, with less races leading up to the Vuelta. Much of the same applied to Uijtdebroeks in '23, a busy spring and after April a lot less races leading up to the Vuelta.
When I hear the name Del Toro, I think of Guillermo. Just like I think of Steven when I hear Spielberg.
Wrong one, eh.
Alejandro Gillick: