Itzulia Basque Country 2021, Spain, April 5 - April 10

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Hard to imagine Pogi dropping Rog in this race
If he's going to drop him, that would be more likely in the last stage which is way harder. I don't think he can do it today. I think Roglic will mark Pogacar exclusively today, Vignegaard, if he survives, will watch McNulty (also a ?), which opens little space for Bala, Yates, Landa and co. A lot will depend of Jumbo and UAE No.2 men today.
There is a high probability something is about to happen, on Erlaitz.

Worst case scenario, Roglič left behind with a weak support or alone, in front a group that could be called peloton trying to drop him.

Best case scenario, Roglič and hopefully at least one of his teammates holds, or the peloton doesn't fall apart and Roglič puts a stop on the erosion of seconds.

Wild dreams Roglič gains seconds today. Bunch sprint or attacking on Erlaitz and joining some group ahead and they decide to work together.

Fantastic stage ahead today. King exposed, prince will at least try, others for sure have their own plot.
Some people's worst case scenario is other people's best case scenario ...
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That was a cheeky move. Too bad we have to wait another half hour for the live stream.
Sounds like a great stage so far, let's hope there's something left when we get to see it. With this action the legs should be decently tired by then. I can only hope the favourites use this to battle it out between them, instead of just finally letting the stage go to the break.
Erlaitz is hard, With this pace in Jaizkibel I hope a good stage as Pogacar and Landa want to recover time.. But anyway here there is not big mountains for Roglic to have problems. We will see...