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João Almeida - Bota Lume

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It'll be like last year. They'll help each other.

One rides at the front of the group whilst one is struggling at the back.


Ayuso didn't have the best preparation this year, so if he cracks a bit Almeida will end up in 3rd. Can't really see anyone else taking his spot.
Roglic and Remco are both to strong for him to get a higher placing.
I also don't see Ayuso working for João like he did work for the Spaniard in last year's Vuelta. Just my impression. I think he is alone even if he has better chances than Soler and Ayuso.
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The multi-mountain stages coming up this week suit Almeida, Ayuso and Soler far more, very long and consistent, Joao has done very well to limit the damage so far, I expect him to get dropped on day and pace himself back whilst they kill each other throwing in attacks up front. My hope is that UAE look to go for the win rather than placings for all their riders.