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João Almeida - Bota Lume

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Well, to be fair
There's only one captain, and that's pogacar. The others are there to work for him unless he fades bad.
I want to believe Pog is disciplined enough to bid his time a little more this year on Vingo's wheel, but who knows. He may feel like the ITT of july-vingo is just too much to overcome and decides to take chances again. There's not a lot of work the team can do in this scenario, so might as well let them up the road to take chances and put pressure on Visma
People would be amazed to know that this is actually how Spain and Portugal approach everything:

Every man for himself and then make up some story about it in the end.
I am going to go with the team manager and DS understand this and will play to their qualities as individuals with breaks and chaos to put some pressure on Visma where it might not otherwise exist.
It's not only Visma UAE are contending with this year - there's Bora and QS, so any attempt at "chaos" will result in 3 teams closing it down.
I can see that happening . . . But I could also see them (in a situation of, for instance, Ayuso getting a big gap) those teams starting to look at one another to see who is willing to burn matches to chase. At least, that’s the idea I assume the strategy is based on
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I’ve not won a lot, but the level is so freaking high. Every race there is a Roglič, a Remco or a Vingegaard, so it’s not easy to win, but mostly I have been in the top three of races. I’m very happy with how things have been going, and this season I just want to go one point above and get that bit stronger. My mentality is always the same: legs. It’s all about the legs."

João Almeida of UAE Team Emirates


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