Johan gets served

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May 26, 2010
TechnicalDescent said:
Bruyneel warned eveybody not to write off Ryder Hesjedal for the win. He got that 100% right!
Hesjedal did Ride for USPS and Discovery.

Hog trying to take credit ;)
Oct 30, 2011
Moose McKnuckles said:
"Without Andersen, the Schlecks cannot even descend the stairs."

I thought putting the two girls as the Schlecks was pretty funny. Great idea, think it could have been even better.
May 26, 2009
Photo of Johan as was promised ! Not as clear as i would have liked !

Seems that the Team are back to winning ways although it was not a GT !
Jan 27, 2010
Guess Johan was served, did turtle in his ShackBus and packed his *** in a hurry to leave the US of A pretty dang fast. Poor Johan.
Oct 25, 2010
How soon before Johan tries to thug-up the situation by acting defiant and counting on the UCI to declare the USADA punishment dead and unenforceable?
BotanyBay said:
... counting on the UCI ....
It looks like Pat and Hein don't have the same deal with The Hog because they have been, at best, disinterested about his situation.

IMHO, if The Hog can still bring big-sponsor money to the UCI, then I think they'll make the rules work so he can keep making it rain money. Should The Hog slack off, then I think it's demotion-time down to running some local team in whatever country will have him.
Bruyneel and Sky

What's Bruyneel doing in London ? does he live there and when did he move there? I thought he lived in Spain. Any ideas ??

He tweeted on March 22nd that he was at his sons football class in Chelsea.

London...Sky.....Sean Yates...a few tips USPS style...

And special congratulations to a great friend, Sean Yates, for leading Sky to the ultimate level of success
Berzin said:
Why is Bruyneel getting served papers by the Feds if the investigation into Armstrong and US Postal has been closed down?

According to the Velonation report, Johan was supposed to have a little chat with these cats. Is he under any obligation to tell the truth or to even talk with these people?
My hunch is he was served with some documents by the DOJ regarding their involvement in Floyd's Qui Tam case. To confirm this, someone in DC needs to trot down to the courthouse and check the court file for an affidavit of service.

I cannot believe a whole thread can go this far without someone telling us with what he was served. Someone please do some homework!
Mar 18, 2009
Christian, in the pro cycling forum, wrote that Becca took out a 1.5M euro loan from Bruyneel to pay the riders' salaries last year. It has not been paid back. That is interesting.