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Jonas Vingegaard Rasmussen, the new alpha mutant

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No of course not, but the point I was making was that according to what has been in the press, the One Cycling circus wants the same guys racing each other from February to October, which means no more just being at 100% for the Tour.
I support that idea.

Well, the other opponents probably also will not be at 100%, but he can be competitive at 90/95% like we saw in the vuelta 2023.
George Bennett adds another piece to the what-the-heck-happened-to-Vingegaard puzzle about "mental fortitude" -
I know some of these GC guys really well and I've had to sit at the table with them and make sure they finish their breakfast because they're so nervous before a race, then they go and become Tour de France champions. You can’t tell me they’re mentally unbreakable, they’re not."
*Dusts off this thread.*

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Before we get all carried away, I think it's best to wait until Sunday to see how the altitude training has been over the Winter. Visma will want Vingegaard at 100% in July and it's still only February.
Even so, with the prospect of facing Pogacar and Roglic at the Tour, we could be in for more w/kg then usual at this time of year.

The guy beats the peleton on shallow climbs and in various terrain. Either he's become a classic specialist or we will see a watt bomb tomorrow. What do you think is more likely?
I expect Vingegaard to win but apart from the guys who raced Columbia, there's not a lot of competition. To be honest it looks like most just want to get in the kms and get home and out of the rain.
I don't expect crazy w/kg - it's only February but Visma will want to play some mind games with UAE & Bora.