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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard: The Wizard of Visma

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  • The Chicken who eats Riis for breakfast

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  • Wings of Love

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  • The Fishman Cometh

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  • The Mysterious Vingegaard Society

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  • Vingo Star

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  • The Jonas Vingegaard Discussion Thread

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  • Vingegaard vs Roglič

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Apr 30, 2021
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Jonas has been quite popular in Slovenia in recent days ... of course still behind Sepp Kuss, who has already climbed "Triglav" and eaten "potica". ;)

Jonas Vingegaard

Briefly :

From the fish market to the best cyclists in the world ...

Zeeman: Primož helps him remotely. Jonas is like a younger brother to him. He sends messages and gives advice. (When Primož was last protective of another guy, that guy won the Tour next year ... just my comment :p ).

He was even a reserve for this year’s Tour de France and was given a spot on the Jumbo-Visma team following the resignation of Tom Dumoulin. When Roglič left Tour prematurely due to crash, he suddenly became the main weapon of the Dutch team.

Not to mention that he’s cool and likeable person and that he’s buddy with Pogačar ... that doesn’t hurt his popularity in these places either.
i think we can add Vingo to our future battles. exciting. and i would look there rather than bernal, unless they do away with TTs altogether (always a possibility with the current trend).

let's hope for a scorching hot (weather-wise) TDF next year!

and, meanwhile, Carapaz confirms that he is a GC candidate more in the style of Virenque, Chiappucci, Van Impe, Fuente, Herrera, etc... a rider who might win one (or two?) GTs if the route and/or the weakness of the competitors allow. But not one that can compete on a well-rounded course against double threats (TT and mountains) like Pog, Rog and now Vingo.

and that is the way it should be.
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