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Teams & Riders Jonas Vingegaard thread: Mountain Sprinter

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I'm 90 % confident that this is what ideal prep looks like, but I also have 10 % doubt. This is Jumbo, being too good too soon is a real possibility.
I didn't see anything that suggests that he is too good too soon. Him being better than a group of 10 riders including Bernal, Meintjes, Traeen and Lenny Martinez, with a few guys finishing ahead of that group, doesn't seem that strange given the current hierarchy. He wasn't beating a thermonuclear Pogacar by 2 minutes. He beat Yates by 45 seconds after his domestiques were already dropping a lot of the competition. There is always that possibility, but for the moment i wouldn't be too worried.
Been thinking the same. This is the best and most impressive Jonas Vingegaard I ever have seen.
But then again he also have to win with good time difference to Yates here if he want to beat Pogacar in the Tour.
How is this the best Vingegaard you have ever seen? Has underestimating his Tour win over Pogacar gone so far as to say that he himself wasn't great, either?

I'm 90 % confident that this is what ideal prep looks like, but I also have 10 % doubt. This is Jumbo, being too good too soon is a real possibility.
Jumbo isn't some monolith of eternally equal preparation for everybody. Vingegaard's trainer is probably the best there is right now. He managed to make Tobias Foss world champion time trial...
Until we see numbers showing otherwise, I’m pretty sure he was at least this good in last year’s Dauphine, he just had a better ride (than the others this year) in Roglic there too, and he held back a bit for him. Those numbers were phenomenal. And he was insane last year. Not sure how you could argue this is the best Vingegaard based on what we’re seeing here.
To look at Vingegaard's level now vs same time last year, this might be helpful:

Time gap after today - time gap final GC last year:

O'Connor: 2:24 - 1:01 (2023 is 1:13 better)
Haig: 3:03 - 2:33 (2023 is 0:30 better)
Meintjes: 4:19 - 2:37 (2023 is 1:42 better)
Chavez: 4:31 - 2:38 (2023 is 1:53 better)
Johannessen: 4:51 - 3:11 (2023 is 1:40 better)

But more than that, he rides like a different rider. This is the first race I have seen him in, where he actually looks like a selfconfident captain.
He gave 6.6-6.7 which is as far as I know less than 6.75, but I‘m not an expert, so I can‘t answer the problem.
It says 6.6-6.7 w/kg so less than 6.75 w/kg. Maybe the fact that he was going alone most of the time upped estimations. Hard to say but there are definitely inconsistencies in those w/kg estimations (for climbs with very similar gradients and VAM).
You're right. I thought vayer said 6.65, but it was 6.75.