Kloden, really?

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Oct 16, 2010
Mr.38&#37 said:
Let me play advocatus diaboli: If Andy was guilty he would't ride any more, his case has been investigated by German authorities, not just some obscure sports court. How is more evil than any other rider who raced successfully since 1990? I have more reason to trust Klöden than 99% of all professional riders, haven't I?

Just yesterday there was a story about a Bundesliga (easily one of the three best leagues in the world and commercially much bigger than cycling as a whole) soccer game that has been manipulated by the betting mafia. Nobody questions soccer, at least not that I'm aware of.
The betting scandal gets decent coverage in the German media and people are gonna end up behind bars because of it.

b.t.w. Doping in soccer has been dealt with in the thread on Fuentes/Galgo and most agreed there that Football must be extremely dirty, definitely a lot dirtier than we are aware, and probably a couple of degrees dirtier than cycling.
So yeah, the branch of cycling can be said to be much much more transparent in doping issues than football. But to me this still doesn't mean cycling doesn't deserve the critical approach it's receiving from German media.
flicker said:
I know you are trolling(i appreciate a good troll)

Selfishly I like seeing great German cyclists like Didi Thurah, Rolf Aldag,Jan Ulrich,Kloeden, Zabel etc. I think that the German public needs heroes.

If they doped oh well, it is in the fine tradition of our sport.
You should at least crawl out from under your bridge before accusing anyone else of trolling.
Jul 25, 2009
sniper said:
But to me this still doesn't mean cycling doesn't deserve the critical approach it's receiving from German media.
It does deserve criticism. But the punitive action of stopping TV coverage is more likely to encourage the UCI to test less and clean up cycling's image, than actually clean up cycling. It would only work if other broadcasters follow suit and really 'burn down pro cycling'. So it's a fairly useless act of arbitrary censorship IMO.

Begs the question of how anyone outside pro cycling can influence cycling to clean up? Apart from the obvious berating of omerta keepers of course....which leads me back on topic; cut the crap Kloden!
Aug 13, 2009
webvan said:
What about him? Other than he is the only WC who got busted AFAIK...
Laurant Brochard....but the UCI deliberatively mishandled the paperwork so he could not be sanctioned.