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La Rosina Climb

Apr 18, 2009
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Nope. It's certainly no Stelvio, Gavia or Mortirolo, not by a long shot, but the Rosina climb, featured in today's 4th stage, is a little climb with a decent amount of Giro history for its small stature. It seems that the organizers use it whenever they get a chance... probably because cycling is so popular in the area, and even though today it's far from the finish, it will get a lot of spectators on it.

I saw my first live Giro stage in 1994, when they had a Marostica circuit race, which went up that climb several times (and where Pantani tried, in vain, to escape). In 1996, I rode up from Padova to see a time trial that took in the Rosina climb. I don't recall other times, but it seems they often incorporate it, even if, as today, it's not really central to the stage.

Anyway, I'm off to work, and then to go catch the stage start here in Padova:)