Lance Armstrong Appreciation Thread

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Dr. Maserati said:
Thanks Lance for all the laughs.

Asked in July 2008 if he missed the Tour, Armstrong responded

8th September 2008, NYVelocity are first to report a possible Armstrong return:

10th September 2008 - Armstrong confirms:

10th September 2008 - Vanity Fair who had an exclusive interview, hastily post it online. The key points:

Reactions to Armstrongs return:

15th September 2008, Armstrong says:

25th September 2008 - at the Cinton Global Intiative:

26th September 2008 - in Las Vegas with Catlinto discuss his anti-doping program, Armstrong says to LeMond.

About the cost of the initiative:
Awesome. I wanted to add something about his intention to buy the Tour being at odds with 'I have moved passed all that', but this quote really cracked me up:

Bernard Hinault: "Jeannie Longo is still there, and she's almost 50 years old,"

You really have to wonder if the Badger fully meant what he inferred. As an almost 50 year old, she must easily represent the sports longest running doping saga.

Jeannie Longo's husband arrested

Benotti69 said:
who didn't do it properly?

BMC won the TdF last year
Garmin won Giro this year
Geox won the Vuelta last year

all 3 winners have links with doping.

Cadel with Ferarri
Hesjedal rode for USPS & Discovery
Cobo rode for Saunier-Duvall.

none have ever tested positive. But we heard after 2006 the sport was clean. After 2008 the sport was clean and after Evans win the sport was clean.........................
Ummm, not just USPS and Disco. What about following that up for Phonak in support of Roid? Anybody remember that awesome Dauphine stage where he dropped soon to be disgraced TdF winner and Team Leader Floyd like a lead weight?

"He moved to Phonak in 2006 for more chances to race in bigger events, and he quickly posted promising results in the Volta a Catalunya and the Dauphiné Libéré before the team disintegrated following the controversial disqualification of Floyd Landis at the Tour that year."

Anyhow, to stay on topic, for corrupting a countryman I appreciate Lance.

May 22, 2010
New Zealand thanks Lance for giving Texpat to us. We're a better country for it...
May 20, 2010
shojii said:
New Zealand thanks Lance for giving Texpat to us. We're a better country for it...
Aww, shucks. You really have no idea how good that makes me feel. (Geez, I hope you mean it.)
Thanks old buddy for making life so bloody difficult in the USA that I finally put my noggin toward escaping and made the most intelligent decision in my life eg to move the family to a kinder, gentler society.
And thanks to 60mins for cash. (Just kidding)
Oct 4, 2011
Thanks Lance for teaching me how to twist the english language to suit my circumstance.

ie; I have never been caught with anything = I had stuff but didnt get caught.

Its been a week and nothings been found = Ive taken it now
Your not going to find anything = see answer above
Ive never tested positive = Im good at covering my tracks.
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