Lawson Craddock

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Impressive from him today.

I think he can manage to get to the cobbles. Not sure how much after that, and yes fundraising for the Velodrome is Houston is worth it to stay in the race for a few more days anyway.
Lets not be surprised at how tough Lawson is,
after all like the legendary SuperG who finished
the 2013 TdeF with a fractured pelvis, he's got a
decent palmares on the track starting with national
medals in the 10-12's right up to a USA Junior Pursuit
Championship win in 2010 at Trexlertown, Pennsylvania.
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del1962 said:
snccdcno said:
Slipstream Sports
can we not just call them Garmin
Well actually you can call then anything you want! :lol: I just call them Slipstream because that is the only name that is the same since day one (Slipstream is JV's "company"). Garmin was the longest (major) sponsor (7ish years). I called them Subaru the other day and got a good laugh from some folks!
Jan 26, 2016
Cycling in the US needs something positive to talk about, and Craddock's providing that. Unless teams can find wealthy individuals who want to play they have to attract corporations with a positive marketing message. It's unusual for a top team in a sport to disband because of lack of sponsorship, but that's exactly what cycling is facing with BMC. EFD only survived because of an outpouring of public support through a gofundme. That positive story plus Lawson Craddock (an EFD rider) needs to be played up to regenerate interest in the US. I believe BMC is showing us that performance on the road isn't as important to sponsors as a positive image (DD is a good example).
The last time he finished inside top5 on any climbing stage was in 2015 and even then he was out of GC contention (Tour de Pologne) so it's perhaps time to accept the fact he is not a GC rider and will never be.