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Lefevere is pretty upset

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May 6, 2009
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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Maybe you need to compare it with France in the final of the world cup football, you wouldn't dare ask a frenchman to come to work that evening :eek:

Because they would organise a strike otherwise :p
Mar 18, 2009
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Lefévère loves to say complete crap.

But for once I do agree with him on a few things.

1. The Keisse-Cornu affair

2. Weylandt's mouth, I haven't heard anything from for a while. But from the moment he started his career until last season, I can't remember a race win where he didn't say the equivalent of "I'm awesome. Everyone bow before me" or a sprint he narrowly lost that he didn't say the equivalent of "I'm better than the guy who won. He only won because [insert ridiculous excuse]"

3. I can't stand riders who peak for 1 race per season, or peak for 2 but consider everything else meaningless. Devolder is such a case. He peaks for the Ronde and doesn't care about anything else.

Not only does it make a mockery of the sport when someone has the Andy Schleck mentality (Outside the Tour and Liége, all other races are beneath me), but a rider is paid to help his team get results, not spin the pedals merrily all year round as if 99% of races are training rides.

I have a very strong dislike for anyone with such a mentality. It doesn't help that Devolder is a very large ***.


ak-zaaf said:
Next week in TV-show 'De Flandriens':
Interviewer: Did Devolder wins Vlaanderen twice because he was in your team?
Boonen: He doesn't like to hear that, so no. But... yes.

Could be a fun week coming up ;)

This is pretty much how I see it. Give Devolder credit for winning two in a row but no way does he win either without Boonen being so heavily marked.
Feb 25, 2010
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Scott SoCal said:
This is pretty much how I see it. Give Devolder credit for winning two in a row but no way does he win either without Boonen being so heavily marked.

He definitly won the first time thanks to Boonen who countered every single attack after Stijn . And who, except for cancellara maybe, would want to ride to the finish with Boonen? Last year I think Devolder deserved the win, he was alone and his lead just kept growing...
Hah, if Boonen wasn't in his team, Devolder could not win last year, they would have never let him go away (Pozzato and co), but because Pozzato and co where glued to Boonen's wheel, and bringing back Devolder would mean Boonen countering, so... Devolder won.

Besides, dropping Quinziato and Van Hecke is hardly a challenge, even [insert random top 10 contender for Flanders] can do that.