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Lennard Kämna Bandwaggon thread

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"Lennard Kämna was involved in a traffic accident that occurred during a training ride on Tenerife. He is in a stable condition, he is awake, responsive and able to communicate. Lennard Kämna suffered numerous injuries. He is receiving very good care in the hospital on Tenerife and will be monitored in the intensive care unit over the next few days. Members of his family and the team are with him."

Well good thing is, that he is alive and that he will be able to live a normal life, but all other things doesn´t sound good, if we talk about cycling this season...

Suffered NUMEROUS injuries Intensive care over the next few days.. uffff.. Sounds like a Bernal january 2022 accident to me..
Ralph Denk, the manager of BORA - hansgrohe, tells sportschau.de.
"If I look at the overall picture, then he was really lucky," said Denk. The first reports that reached Denk from the scene of the accident said that Kämna was in a really bad state. "I was really worried about him," Denk continued.
"He's doing well now given the circumstances, but it was a violent impact. His bike was completely destroyed," Denk revealed. "Lennard is now out of the intensive care unit, that's a good sign. But he's still in the hospital in Tenerife, and we don't yet have a plan for how long he will have to stay."
Hope the poor guy can return to full health.