Lesser Known Race Results 2020

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I'm not sure I understand since I wasn't following the race closely. Roglic was in the Nibali/Valverde/Formolo group? And he was the only one to come back after the group took the wrong way?
There was a strong group which got away with Valverde, Formolo, Lulu. Then Lulu attacked and from the main group Mollema and Nibali bridged. They were in front and took the wrong turn. Roglic and the others continued chasing Lulu.
Roglic wasn't in the group. He was in the "peloton". So under normal circumstances there was no chance that he would have won today.
What are you talking about. LuLu was ahead of 15s of the group that took the wrong turn ad the "peloton" caught him. So I don't know how can you say that Roglič had no chance in normal circumstances. The racing would have been different that's for sure.

But Roglič was a little lucky there. I thought he made a big tactical mistake when he let Nibali go from the peloton to the front group. In hindsight it was the best tactical decision ever lol
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