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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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According to you, they didn't have links for all the races I mentioned. You've also pointed out a lot of mistakes in their schedules over the years.

Their mistakes are mostly listing races under the wrong categories, and their weird tendency to - initially - have races listed as starting 1:00 am.

Why would they include one race that's only being streamed on YouTube, but not others? I think Tiz might just be listing all races that are happening.
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Famenne was one of the races I was unable to watch.
What trickery did De Lie have in store this time?

Nothing special this time, wasn't that strong (as expected). The best De Lie would be with the best on the hills here. He wasn't, but had a good team around him. Van Gils covered every dangerous move and didn't take turns so it came back together every time for Arnaud.

And Obviously Van Gils made it to the podium too, cause it seems like he can't miss a good result in a one day race this season (let's forget about Amstel).

Interesting to me was De Lie sprinting in the drops and not on the hoods, like he usually does on uphill sprints. He looked to be sprinting quite heavy heavy too. He's definitely not in his prime yet, he wouldv'e put Zingle on 5 bikelengths otherwise.

That being said great for Zingle too that he's 2nd. It went under the radar, but he struggled a lot too this season (just like De Lie).
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Alright, I think. Just below 31 kph average for 85 kms. There was a long time where I only had one companion, that didn't help the pace. It turns out I'm more of a Rui Costa than a Victor Campenaerts.

Some days you're the Costa, other days you're the Campenaerts.

The weather was pretty nice, too. I decided to go for a walk myself.

Valverde must be disappointed. You should have sat up and waited for someone to wheelsuck!

I did that last time I rode Aarhus Rundt.
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Welcome back De Lie! I see he's down for Tro-Bro Leon so we'll get a piglet to go with the rooster? :)

edit add- https://www.trobroleon.com/en/news/2024/roaring-forties-in-decreasing-order/8
10 meters big De Lie?!
In the large room where the teams are presented and where the guests of the Tro Bro Leon feast on kig-ha-farz (the local speciality, a sort of stew combining meat and farin), Arnaud De Lie will be able to see his portrait in a giant ten-metre format, the same size as the enlarged poster for the 40th edition of the Tro Bro Leon, bearing the effigy of French champion Valentin Madouas, the local idol.
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