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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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Meanwhile at Ronde de l'Isard:

Jörgen Nordhagen went solo on the last climb away from a group of leaders and had 1 minute on the next follower who is Max Van Der Meulen who is now closing the gap to Nordhagen. It is down to 25s with around 10k to go on a flat run in.

Nordhagen now has 5 km to go. No news on the gap. Edit: Still 25s lead.

Van Der Meulen catches up with less than 2km to go and then wins the sprint between the 2.
What happened to the 1 minute gap? Is Nordhagen not a good descender? Or was the gap just exaggerated?
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What happened to the 1 minute gap? Is Nordhagen not a good descender? Or was the gap just exaggerated?
Van der Meulen ate it up bit by bit by the looks of it. Since Nordhagen didn't start today due to illness perhaps he was not in the best of shape already on this stage and just emptied himself. Cause given Nordhagens track record in ITTs he should certainly be more than capable on the flat as well.
The race we've all been waiting for, Tro-Bro Léon 2024 Sunday 5th from LeCarport Pougluin to Lannilis 203.6 km. (1.pro) start at 11,55 CET, TV from 15.05 CET
Startlist at https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/tro-bro-leon/2024/startlist
Favs? Same three guys again maybe, The Cheese King, Zingle & De Lie.
"With 34.6 kilometres of ribinoùs of the 203.6-kilometre route, this 40th edition of the Tro Bro Leon sets a new distance record on dirt and gravel roads. "


If you like the posters see the collection at https://www.trobroleon.com/en/posters