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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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So that’s where the other 2 days of De Panne went: Dunkirk kidnapped them!

It was also "More than four Days of Dunkirk" when it was indeed 3 days of De Panne.

One of my favourite "cycling is a bit weird" situations is from two years ago when, during the same weekend, we had two stages of the Giro... in Hungary, and also stage 5 and 6 of Four Days of Dunkirk...
He has won one stage here in the last 10 years, so this was probably already the case.
And the two years before that he won five stages across those two editions, plus the overall both years. ;)

But if you'd ask me what really is Demare's stage race, I'd say Tour du Poitou Charentes. He once won all five stages in one edition, including a decent-length TT.