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I was beginning to think Julien Simon would never win again, but a well timed attack inside the final kilometre earns him a record third title in Morbihan.

Perfect timing by Groenewegen in terms of the stage, race and The TDF. Will presumably do wonders for his confidence, and have the opposite effect on Jakobsen.

On a side note. Four more days of evidence that Ineos's decision to re-sign Viviani was one of the bizarrest transfers of last year.
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I am more interested that Groenewegen's sprint final was probably the best performance of the year - Jakobsen's win in Ruta Del Sol is the only comparable performance - Groenewegen has been under immense internal team pressure because of his timidness between 3 to 1km in sprint finals and his inability to follow the wheels of his lead out - He can sprint quickly if he is in position.
Kirby practically gasping with excitement at Dunbar and "his lead is clearly growing, and it's going to keep growing!" - now Dunbar is hanging on - Kirby somehow thought he was going to accelerate at his attack speed for a full 2km and had written the elegies almost as soon as the attack took place. Gutting for him but he completely hit the wall and Tiberi just hunted him down perfectly and broke his heart on the line.
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