Lesser known races thread 2022

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Powless was big in Japan tonight.

Chrono des Nations is up later. Ellen van Dijk is the huge favourite in the women's race, where Amber Neben is scheduled to make a rare non-championship appearance in Europe. The mathematicians Anna Kiesenhofer and Vittoria Bussi are also there among others.

The men's race features big names like Foss, Küng, Bissegger and Stéfan Bennett, the King of Guadeloupe. It will also be the last race of Alex Dowsett's career.

There are also junior and U23 races on during the day, where Eglantine Rayer, Joshua Tarling and Søren Wærenskjold are likely winners.
A while ago Trentin could be seen in the front talking to Kasper Andersen who looked a little stressed like you would expect w stagiaire guys, a little hectic and anxious to do a good job. He has said he would not mind to stay under 23 next year too but otoh has raced a lot for UAE and I think they want to sign him.

Also nice to see Hellemose who has had a difficult first year.
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