Lesser known races thread 2022

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Only it's second edition, but already becoming one of my favourite one-day races. What a beautiful way to end the season. Thank you Pippo.
Yes, great race.
Maybe you could call it the 3rd edition, since the 2020 NC was on a similar route with the Rosina climb and the muro di Tisa and also organized by Pippo.
The guy knows how to organize a race and has some good ideas.
And this time we actually got to see the sprint for the win, somewhat... the people responsible still decided that it was Smit and Moreno they should zoom in on, rather than the faster and fresher guy in the other side of the road... at least he was nice enough to sprint into view.
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That's exactly what I don't quite understand. The weather tends to be still quite nice, definitely compared to some freezing early spring races. So why give up on racing so early?

Plus plenty of riders have peaked for the WC just very recently, why not to allow them using their good shape in some other races?
I think it also has to do with the length of the season, after some time you need a break. Frankly it would probably better to start the season a bit later and to keep going a bit longer during Autumn.
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Moving everything up a couple of weeks would also greatly reduce the chances of snow forcing the Giro to cancel climbs.
Yeah, but the Tour will never move more than a bit because of it's ideal spot during the French holiday season...
I guess 1-2 weeks later would still be ok for them and the 14th of July stage seems to have gotten less and less important (see the lack of French riders in breakaways/trying to make the breakaway on that day).
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Has it ever happened that they cancelled a sprint stage and replaced it with a mountain top finish? Now that would be exciting.
in Tour of Beijing, I think. Not really a mountain, but they changed a sprint into a hill top finish, as far as I can remember

edit: 2014, Stage 2. Original profile below, but the stage finished on top of the climb after 111k


This was the final ever day bookmakers offered bets for that race, by the way. They must have lost loads of money, and decided to disregard it on from then.
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Molenaar won the final stage ahead of Osborne. Molano took the bunch sprint for third. Kanter another top-10. Sosa won the overall.

Danish commentators have been talking about how it's quite unusual for Tour de Langkawi to have eight stage winners in as many stages, usually there's a sprinter who takes a least a couple.
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Osborne can push like crazy but he isn't used to cycling tactics :tearsofjoy: He did nearly all the work for 20 km. Tourmire helped a bit and was dropped with 10k to go and Molenaar didn't put his wind in the nose for 17km until the last 3km.

I only saw the last three kilometres and even that was some of the daftest tactics I had seen...

Not sure it beat Nelson Oliveira on the Tirreno stage Mads Würtz won last year, though.