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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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The women's peleton needs Rui Costa - Why would Niewiadoma ride with Vollering and why would Labous pace Reusser and Fisher-Black.

Canyon SRAM should definitely have ridden it differently, although second place might have been the best they could have achieved anyway. But with the way they chose to ride, then Niewiadoma's only choice was to keep pushing, so they that she wouldn't end up in a SD Worx sandwich. They avoided getting a major beating though, so at least they still have a theoretical, but not too likely, chance of winning the race.
one where riding for third/the win is better than riding for fifth and losing more time on GC. & it was only for a short while, it was the canyon mountain train that was the main problem today, but then again, it did put Kasia on the podium & gave her a shot at winning.
I still think her worst trait is actually being happy finishing 2nd.

You look at riders who win alot regularly and they're never happy finishing 2nd.
If she understood the concept of sitting on she might not always finish 2nd, though. She always seems willing to go to the line in groups or pairs where she's obviously going to lose the sprint.

I know that the amount of people at a high enough level to realistically go to the line with Kasia in a two-up who she'd actually be the favourite against in a sprint is low, but nevertheless.
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