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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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I was more thinking in the sense of "things not really relevant to the race."
Unfortunately, it looks like she might be caught.
And she is. Once SD Worx starting helping on the front it was over. Floortje now giving it a go to keep the group honest since it's not really big enough to do a leadout and hoping to profit from indecisiveness about the chase.

Abysmal coverage of the finish, they seem to have completely missed Mackaij being caught, and then we get the usual *** with Kopecky and Wiebes just outmuscling everybody at the line. Like, if Lorena is now getting over the Cauberg at the front, she was never going to get dropped on this circuit. Balsamo tried gamely to repeat her heroics from before, but Kopecky made her go the long way round on the curve to the finish and she didn't have enough time to get round Little Miss Contract Law even if she'd had the legs to.
I can't believe how many riders still get caught out like that you'd think they'd have imprinted in their brains, don't celebrate till you've crossed the line

The daft thing is she shoulder checked and saw the peloton was gaining, and its got Reusser and Vollering doing the lead out, surely that's head down ride as fast as you can time and don't stop till you're zooming past your soigniers
Schremf would have won if she didn't celebrate - I don't understand Niewiadoma attacking relentlessly today - Save your energy for stage 2!
Kasia just can't help herself. If she had any restraint whatsoever she'd have won a lot more, but it seems like she's got a standing policy of, every race has a right place to attack, and if I attack everywhere I'm sure to be right eventually! It makes her a lot of fun to follow but also very frustrating to follow as the amount of races where she's had the legs to succeed but hasn't won are countless.
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