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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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Anne Knijnenburg with her first pro win in the Cyclist Classic. I thought Venturelli would be the fastest of the two.

Knijnenburg was one of the last riders I cut from my emerging riders team, so it hurts a little.
The finish was a bit of a mess though,very big crash and quite a few riders hurt :( Robyn Clay broke a collarbone, who was one of the favourites for the Lincoln GP.

View: https://youtu.be/jZdZGO--d4I?si=siDTkD_d4gs1ucZl
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The Tour of Scandinavia has been cancelled due to insufficient funds. I was already a little worried when it was announced that Roy Moberg would be stepping down as race director, considering that the race has very much been a pet project for him and his family.

I hope they manage to secure financial backing for future editons, even if that means returning to a only being a Norwegian race.

First two stages of ToB Women now have routes

Well, the final climb in stage 2 is probably 20-25km out and is 6km at 5,2%.

By Women's Tour of Britain standards that's HC.

First stage looks terrible, and a return to classic British race organiser tropes with obstacles that are decent but nothing like anywhere close to where they can be used decisively. The second climb looks like it might even be just a false flat that barely has any real ascending, but I hope it's a second road which is parallel to the one it looks like on the map which might be ok, has about 100m vertical.

And I mean, finishing in Llandudno, would the Great Orme really have killed them to include? It's right there, in the town, and everything. You don't need to have a puncheur finish, you can still finish in town by just doing part of it - go up Ty-Gwyn Road, down St. Tudno's, around the promontory coast road and finish back in town.

But I'm sure the town wanted pictures of a big bunch sprint in front of their town monuments and children banging boards like it's the 13:40 at Newmarket as usual.
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Wiel - who the commentator for some reason insisted on calling Le Net - was 4th.

Le Net is quite a bit taller.

Didn't know it was so early. But I see the men are also racing there.

Good to see Persico winning. And Gasparrini yesterday. After their 1-2-3(-4) in Italy they're distributing the wins with eachother.
Chiara racing in GP Eco-Struct today as the favourite and tomorrow in Trofee Maarten Wynants, both races here in Belgium. Wanted to go see her tomorrow but a family party planned.
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A strange race for two reason. Ludwig has 25 seconds with 10kms to go with multiple riders from Lidl and Movistar not working together. these two teams work together and they bring back Ludwig. Secondly, I dont understand why some of the teams are not racing today but yet doing Itzulia in 2 days.
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