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Lesser Known Road Racing for Women Thread

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In Czechia Jenny Rissveds got a fine start to her first UCI road race since 2011.

Jenny Rissveds with the win today! So nice to her start the season in good shape, she already won her XCO opener in Italy a few weeks ago.

Let's hope this form continues to Albstadt next week.
Strong performance by Jumbo-Visma in Luxembourg with Henderson taking the win and having three riders in the top 10 of the prologue.

UAE ought to help Niamh Fisher-Black here really, they've got a much better shot of winning with Bastianelli from that group of 6 especially bearing in mind Vollering looks pretty cooked. I know they probably back Marta from behind either. SD Worx need to keep the heat up, they really don't want Jumbo making the junction.
Seems like Henderson is a bit isolated now, she nearly made contact but just can't make that junction on the climb. Vollering has recovered a bit of her power and now SD Worx can use both her and Fisher-Black rather than having Niamh doing all the work alone. And of course now that the gap is established Bertizzolo is helping to enable them to sprint for Bastianelli. The Italian is struggling hard but she's really earning the right to duke out that sprint.

Aww, Rooijakkers throwing the water bottles away as though she actually thinks she has a chance in the sprint. Niamh's swung off but apart from her I can't see Pauliena beating any of them. And Marta wins easily... and Henderson was dropped from her group just to put the exclamation mark on it. Demi and her team did to Henderson what was done to her back in her own Parkhotel Valkenburg days in this race.
And Femke Markus won the Leiedal Koerse E3 Harelbeke thingy, but Nicole Steigenga wasn't far away from doing a Stannard.

And Femke Markus won the Leiedal Koerse E3 Harelbeke thingy, but Nicole Steigenga wasn't far away from doing a Stannard.

In the end it was more a Lastras. Or maybe a Garzelli, though the circumstances of that one were a bit different.
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Yes, it is a remarkable story. I considered picking her for the guess who game, when I heard about it during the race.
I remember her winning that big gravel last year, but I didn't learn about her injury and recovery before now. She's also a former holder of the Everesting world record and an epidemiologist, but is seems she's now put all her focus onto her cycling career. I wouldn't be surprised if EF-TIBCO is interested in her after this. Newsom also rides gravel so that shouldn't be an issue, but she might not want to travel to Europe.
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It's also been announced that RCS will be working on a women's MSR and might also make some kind of deal with the Giro Donne and move it to earlier in the year.

Both things can be good and bad, because MSR will hurt Trofeo Binda, and the Giro rellocation might also affect races in May and/or June.

I don't know if the proposed Lombardia thing is still on the table for this year.