Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2021 (April 25th)

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Nice win Vollering. I’d have thought there’d be more attacking at the end, although AVDB presents a serious disincentive
Especially considering Demi was the fastest finisher left in that group, by like, a really, really, really wide margin. Still, this is Demi's terrain, she built her name and reputation in the Ardennes when she was a from-out-of-nowhere prospect at Parkhotel Valkenburg. She was already clearly a major talent, just overshadowed a little by Wiebes in that overachieving Parkhotel squad, but she'd gone as far as their team budget could allow (especially after Wiebes screwed them over because of "disagreements", when essentially the "disagreement" was the team believing Wiebes was obliged to honour the contract she had signed literally a couple of weeks earlier and Wiebes believing she should not have to honour it because she could get more money on the open market, and since the team didn't agree, they couldn't work together due to inability to cooperate) and now obviously with the stronger support squad and team backing on SD Worx she's reaping the rewards.
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