Liège-Bastogne-Liège: October 4th, 2020

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On Danish TV they're talking about how the men and women have to share the coverage; with the women starting crazy early, so they can be done before the men start, because they're showing full-coverage of the men's race.
However, is that necessary? Surely they can show the finale - and preferably a bit more than just 30 Ks - of the women's race, while the men are in the early phases of their race. Of course if there's a route-issue then it's a different talk.
I guess it's just a question of viewers. Presumably even the final of the women's race will attract fewer viewers than the start of the men's race.
FFS why isn't there someone to warn the riders.
Damn it. I hope his season isn't over. Expected him to do good today and the coming weeks.
one of the most obviously dangerous types of road obstacles, low and in the middle of the road, completely invisible to anyone riding in a close peloton. Inexcusable that it wasn’t guarded by someone with a big flag