Mark Cavendish Discussion Thread

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He was still in double digit wins per year until the Epstein Barr, his GT record wasn't too shabby either.
As my previous post has been lost to time.

I was replying to the previous comment that stated his demise started from Kittel and other faster sprinters which is why he saw a decrease in Tour stage wins, when that isn't true. It started from the move to Sky. Without it, he could have won more stages at the Tour but potentially less elsewhere. Like any rider I wosh things could have gone differently in someway for them but I am happy with the career he has had.

On the Vuelta, that stinks he isn't going to go. A decent showing there could have helped his case for a team to pick him up if he was able to finish the 3 weeks. I hope he still has one last hoorah in the tank but I fear the worst. By all means he can prove us wrong.