Metabolism Research

This is interesting (IMO), just at face value, and because one of my Physiology professors posed a very similar idea to us in the early '90s. He was on to something, too bad he passed before other people proved him correct. More research to do for sure, but here we go...

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An important thing to keep in mind about the amount of metabolism that CAN BE done, and WHAT IS done, is that it depends on several things:
  1. Having 'fuel' available in the body
  2. Having adequate intake of O2 to burn the fuel, and ability to exhale the exhaust
  3. Having adequate blood circulation to transport the fuel and O2 to the 'burn locations', and the 'exhaust' of waste products
  4. Having adequate 'burn locations' (muscles) to support the amount of metabolism
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I don't know if this is a real term, but I truly believe in metabolism modification. I have experimented with fasting both as a competitor and a chubby pizza packing has worked for me..and as far as calories needed to generate high level activity,through fasting I have found I can do a little more or same level of output w slightly less calories consumed. Fasting is definitely not for everyone
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