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Milano - Sanremo: March 20, 2021

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How many seconds would Ala or vdPoel need on top of Poggio in order to remain ahead of a Wout van Aert in full pursuit? It is 5,5 km to go of which 2,2 are flat. I think 15 - 20 seconds. The fact that last year Ala could not remain in front during the descend while he is considered (at least by me) as one of the best descenders in the peloton says something about Wout's possibilities imho.

I think Wout will win today in a sprint. But my favorite scenario is one of the big three arriving solo.

I think 20 seconds will be way 2 much. MVP and Alla and these boys are good descenders. Not even Mohoric would be able to get back with 20 seconds. I think they would need around 7-8.
I'm getting a great deal of affinity for Norsgaard.

After a horrendous start as a neopro, getting mowed down by a car and breaking his leg, putting him out in 8 months - and then having to be re-operated, because the leg didn't set right, costing another 3 months - he has been showing up in front a lot this spring, either working at the front of the peloton, or in early breaks.

He is clearly rebuilding his strength and endurance fast, and Movistar is wisely giving him freedom to search for his top level.

Hey may surprise people, come the big cobbled classics :cool: