Most Dominant in the Giro?

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Most Dominant in the Giro?

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I second Binda in 1927. Winning 12 of 15 stages and beating number two, Brunero, by 27 minutes is pretty impressive.

Girardengo in 1919 was quite dominant as well, winning 7 of 10 stages and beating second placed Belloni by 51 minutes.

Girardengo was great in 1923 as well, winning 8 of 10 stages but he only beat second placed Brunero by a mere 37 seconds.
Mar 31, 2010
roundabout said:
I think Gibo was more upset that Basso (probably) let Piepoli win a stage, but didn't do the same with him.

Or maybe Piepoli did pay up.
basso didn't let him win a stage. basso downhils like a f'n baby. simoni was upset because he knew basso was heavy on the juice.
Dec 27, 2010
RHRH19861986 said:
Exactly... And if you see the names of those who were behind him: Giro winners like Savoldelli, Cunego, Simoni, Really an epic Giro.
"Epic" is one word I would not use to describe the 2006 Giro. I would choose "strangled".
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