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Motor doping thread

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Alberto testing Froome's bike for TDF :p

Armchair cyclist said:
I think Marmot might be onto something.

But rather than a mechanical exoskeleton, I think we might be talking a subcutaneous system, with a process driven by contraction and relaxation. The power circuitry could then be based elsewhere in the body, in the chest region, for example. And rather than needing recharging electrically, it could be replenished with organic matter. A further advantage is that this could be created from carbon based components, and therefore indetectable by the UCI scanning equipment.

Yep: I reckon they might all be using something like this.

Hmmmm .... interesting.

Any chance that Ice-9 is involved?
Jan 4, 2013
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Freddythefrog said:
Lapartient knows that the roof will fall in if a top rider is proven to be using a motor. Circ was 2013 and was quite clear that motors were in use.

The technology is all there if they wanted to catch some riders. Years ago Stade Two had a motorbike with IR camera. A glowing bottom 4” of seat tube – how the hell can anyone explain that – a hot drink stored in a secret extra water bottle location ? How easy would it have been to have a couple of motorbikes following Friday's stage and showing live IR footage from the bikes ? A few static IR cameras at key locations on hiarpins where the lead riders go round in near single file. It is dead easy. The fact that it is so easy and yet we had years of obfuscation with IPads that didn't work and all sorts of BS, as every little pathetic increment of detection technology was telegraphed months in advance so teams could react, tells us very clearly. The authorities know about the problem, they have the means to solve it but cannot solve it.

Why can't they solve it ? That is the critical question. It just has to be because some in authority are so compromised, to do so would bring the whole show to an end and that is not in anyone’s interest.

Nonsense. IR guns on motorbikes, from cars and at the side of the road have all been seen operational on 3 week races before. Nothing was found hence we have moved back to the x-ray tent which was used a few years ago too. Nothing has ever been found on a grand tour by any method including pulling the bottom bracket, looking down the seat tube and checking the rear hub and rim.

Freddythefrog said:
... Years ago Stade Two had a motorbike with IR camera. A glowing bottom 4” of seat tube – how the hell can anyone explain that – a hot drink stored in a secret extra water bottle location ? ...
A faulty bb. All the bikes now are sub-6.8kg and they drop tungsten ballast weights down the seat tube to make spec weight. The metal ballast weights rest on top of warm-ish bb and readily transmit heat up the seat tube.
Jun 29, 2017
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Not sure if anyone has seen the Tom Skujins crash today on stage 9 of TDF. He gets up turns his bike around and the wheel is spinning like a bat out of hell...
Looking for a video of this.....suspect?
Hey Marmot!
Jul 29, 2016
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Re: Re:

lartiste said:
macbindle said:
Dragontearz said:

He might have just spun the cranks to put bike in lower gear for restart

Please watch it carefully:


you can clearly see, that the cranks moves just about 1/4 of the circle, not more, it is not explanation, he clearly did not move the cranks to shift ....

There had to have been force applied to the pedals for the crank to continue to spin like that. He clearly was either putting his chain back on or changing gears before the video starts.

This is a big nothing.
If we're going to believe in conspiracy theories, then let's play with this one: videos like this Toms Skujiņš one seem to be promoted in order to discredit the belief that motors are in use, or have ever been in use. What's LA doing in his spodcast? Is he just throwing shade at Trek, for whom Skujiņš rides? Or is he also throwing shade at those who say he used a motor?
Mar 18, 2009
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Re: Re:

Escarabajo said:
thehog said:
hazaran said:
Thats some wimpy motor given it didn't move at all after he put the back down..

Noted the same. If it was a motor the bike would have moved forward when the wheel hit he ground. This one is fake news.
It is still hard to believe it can move that way. What is the explanation?
He hand cranked his chain onto the ring, swings the bike to the pavement, wheel still spinning and drops it. Pretty common.