Music! What are you listening to now?

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It's a droney, ambient-y kinda morning, so here's some loveliness from Clear Horizon - the one-off collaboration between singer/songwriter Jessica Bailiff and Flying Saucer Attack-dude David Pearce.

For Days

And here's a slice of gentle piano loveliness from Liz Harris aka. Grouper

Apr 16, 2016
^ Yes those are beautiful images, and I like the music. Now imagine if all the people lived at western material standards (which is the dream, however duplicitous). This planet would implode instantaneously if western consumer based capitalism ever succeeded, oh wait, it already is. If it doesn't expand it implodes, if it does expand the planet implodes. Predicament - catch 22. We're screwed and very, very close to done - the last doubling in an exponential curve is a doozy.