Music! What are you listening to now?

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Oh, I love Macy Gray... from that album my favourites always were Caligula and Sex-o-matic Venus Freak. I also loved the My Way-album, especially I Miss the Sex, Queen of the Big Hurt and Me With You. I will never forget seeing her perfom I Try for the first time (on TV), though, it was something special. There's such honesty in her voice in that song.
I'm a fan of the most unusual era of Ministry, I really like Filth Pig and The dark side of the spoon.
They are a departure from the classic frenetic industrial metal sound and are a lot slower, but if you look at their whole career until that point you could say that it's a journey from purely electronic music to a more guitar heavy and "organic sound".
It's also kinda ironic that the albums that many fans call "the Heroin era" because of Al Jourgensen's addiction are those that sound the most like a bad that is actually having jam sessions (even if The dark side features 1 or 2 too many of those).