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Music! What are you listening to now?

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Only the male half of Abba was involved in the song. The singer is Helen Sjolund.

Miles better than anything off the full Abba album the other year imo.
I'm not familiar with Abba's latest output (some kind of a virtual tour or some such?), the last album of theirs I bought was The Visitors back in the early 80s. I like it quite a bit, some of the songs sound surprisingly dark.

Interesting that Benny chose a singer who sounds very much like Agnetha. Hmmmm...
I watched Dublin's St. Patrick's Day parade on TV yesterday, there were lots of marching bands and bagpipe music, it was very international and everybody was welcome. It looked like tons of fun!
The parades and drinking in Chicago and NYC, Boston are legendary!! Years ago traveled from NY for an appointment in Boston.. "Enjoyed" the parade and partying to the point of needing an extra day at the hotel and cancelled the appointment!!
View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=27iJsZpQn3A&pp=ygUUbWlsbGlvbnMgYXJlIHNhaWxpbmc%3D
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