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Names for dope and doping!

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May 26, 2010
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Re: Re:

Irondan said:
Benotti69 said:
Irondan said:
glassmoon said:
Epstein-Barr Virus
Care to elaborate?

Using this logic we can say the same whenever ANY rider is sick or injured. "Aru's injured knee" or "Alaphilippe's knee injury" is a name for doping using this logic.

Not saying Cav is not doping because out of all the sprinters I think he's most likely to be or has been doping at some point. But to call a diagnosis of mono a cover for something more sinister, or caused by something more sinister is reaching.


This is a slight tongue in cheek thread, no?


Bilharizia has been given as an excuse for bad performances to disguise obvious doping, why not EBV?

Cancer has been given as an excuse.
I was only commenting on the comment above, not the whole thread. It's been months since I read the entire thread but I just wanted an elaboration on why they chose to name Epstein-Barr as a cover for doping. I guess the same could be said for "cancer" and "bilharizia". Normally an elaboration would be warranted, no? Otherwise we're just spouting words with no real meaning other than to tie them to doping. Yes this is a tongue-in-cheek thread but we still have to back up any insinuations or accusations. Having Epstein-Barr virus is not common knowledge as a cover for doping or caused by doping, therefore an explanation is required.

I have personally stopped taking the professional sport of cycling with any seriousness. How can one?

So when we hear what cyclists get lots of us just laugh and think yep a cover or an excuse or whatever. The sports has milked the whole excuse thing to death, including Xtema's death on TeamSky for excuses to do things linked to doping.

It is quite funny that EBV comes from Herpes. I am sure not too many podium gals will b wanting to kiss Cav in future as no cure.
“We had access to all the Bucs’ backroom staff and their training facilities. The way they prepared during the week opened my eyes and was... one of those life-changing experiences Allardyce recalled in his autobiography Big Sam.
May 26, 2010
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"If you're sentimental about these things, it can hold your career back and this time I very much made the sporting decision, and went for the opportunity, and try to make the most of the best years of my career" Dan Martin.

"There are complex medical and physiological issues which affect the metabolism and excretion of Salbutamol. We’re committed to establishing the facts and understanding exactly what happened on this occasion. I have the utmost confidence that Chris followed the medical guidance in managing his asthma symptoms, staying within the permissible dose for salbutamol. Of course, we will do whatever we can to help address these questions."
Finnish historian Erkki Vettenniemi speculates in one of his books that the Finnish cross-country skiers used euphemisms for amphetamine use in the 1950s and 1960s, perhaps only to joke about the subject with friendly journalists.

It was known that one carb-loading method was famed "blueberry soup", but olympic champion Veikko Hakulinen said that he instead preferred "blackcurrant juice". The skier recalled how during a 50 km race, at the 25 km point, he was totally exhausted and over three minutes behind the lead. Then the staff at the Finnish service point gave him "strong blackcurrant juice": "When I left the point, I said that I can't make it. Then the currant juice started to push through my skin as sweat, and the skiing felt better, and the split reports started to show that I started to catch the lead," he recalled later.

He won the race.

There are some photos of Finnish skiers been given unspecified pep pills. One of them is specifically Veikko Hakulinen at the 1958 Cross-Country Skiing World Championships: