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National championships June 2021

Purely for information purposes I am giving you this photo for a start.
German champs will happen in Stuttgart, without spectators as far as I know.
The race for everyone, the "Brezel race", is planned to happen in September.

France, profile for the men's race in Èpinal:


Round and round and round and round.


Overview routes:


I have tried to find profiles for other races, but so far I'm not very successful.

For Germany I know that it's Filderstadt-Bernhausen to the circuit in Stuttgart-Degerloch, then 25x7.1k = 185.3 kilometers (so they say), elevation gain on the circuit 122meters, about 3000 all in all. Profile will be published when route is authorized.
The Italian championships are using the Imola circuit once more.

Spanish championship route, in La Nucia, Comunidad Valenciana:


Women's & U23 route doesn't include Tudons and Confrides but has an extra lap of Turrón Duro.

Main climb (from the roundabout in La Nucia):

They climb into La Nucia from a different route making it a slightly harder ramp up to the finish. I make it just under a kilometre at 8%.
Yes, I know who Remco and Van Aert are...
The last one is not someone who has any huge results as a pro, so I wouldn't be able to recognise him from a picture (especially as he hasn't been in the peloton for very long).
Well, considering his recent 4th and 5th place in WT ITT's, i thought people would be able to deduct who he is, considering everyone knows what Campenaerts, De Gendt and Lampaert look like. It's a picture from the Junior 2018 EU ITT. Remco holds up one finger, Ilan two. Gold and silver.
Routes for the Danish Championships 17th to 20th June, held In Give, the neighbouring town to Vejle (often used in Tour of Denmark), which means hilly puncheur terrain:

NOTE: Elevation on the profiles is in feet, not metres, and distance is in miles, not kilometers - for some odd reason.

Mens RR
Don't know who is starting, but the hilly puncheur route suits everyone from Vingegaard to Mads P (if he is in top shape).
The "Dannebrog (name of the flag) jersey" is more hotly contested these days than ever before, because there are a lot of winners in the current generation of riders - we may even see rare guest Fuglsang show up, he never won the national RR title, and this route suits him.
So take your pick: Asgreen, Kragh, Valgren, Fuglsang, Mads P, Vingegaard, Honore, Wurtz, Cort, Kron, Kamp, they can all win it, as can some of the best Pro riders. Dark horse for me is Chris Juul, who is riding for an Olympics spot, and climbs better than most realise, but never gets to ride for himself.

Mens TT
It looks like quite a technical route, which means it is better suited for Kragh, but Asgreen is probably the big favorite.
Kragh will be very motivated though, to prove the national coach selected the wrong rider for the Olympics.

Womens RR
This one has Cecilie Uttrup-Ludwig written all over it.

Womens TT
Norsgaard should take it, despite it being up and down a bit, she is on a blinding season.
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Purely for information purposes I am giving you this photo for a start.
German champs will happen in Stuttgart, without spectators as far as I know.
The race for everyone, the "Brezel race", is planned to happen in September.

The German route is relentless, they do the Schönberg climb (1.1km at 6.4%) 26 times in a 185.5km long race.
There is something to be said about those really short circuits, you don't have much time to recover between the climbs and it's always up and down.
The route: https://www.la-flamme-rouge.eu/maps/viewtrack/433563?sid=c9f29e2addc96685c45be0f5a0897b10
Don't they all have to start? I thought it was like that in every country but i could be mistaking. At least in Belgium, every pro is obligated to participate in the NC RR, unless injured.
Shows how strongly experience informs assumption. Your Belgian experience leads you to think that every uninjured pro takes part in his national event everywhere every year; my experience in Britain makes me think that unless it is a course and a date that suits him, no pro anywhere bothers with these events.
In Italy you have to start to get selected for the WC/EC/Olympics.

It used to be like that in Denmark too. However, the scrapped that rule a few years ago, and good thing too imho. Let's say the 2024 Danish National Championships ends up being pancake flat, and meanwhile I could imagine the World Championship in Switzerland being somewhat... errr... hilly. Should a rider like Vingegaard be forced to do a race that doesn't fit him at all, in order to be allowed to do another race on a route possibly perfect for him?

BTW, isn't non-selection for WC/CC/Olympics the only punishment a national federation can give? Can't really ban riders from racing in general...
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