National championships June 2021

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Nice interview with Jakobsen before the broadcast. Says he's slowly but surely feeling whole again. Needs to talk a lot to retrain his facial muscles, so maybe it's just that instead of nerve damage.

Was asked about riding vs Groenewegen, but he said it doesn't matter cause it won't be a sprint anyway.
I had major surgery a few years back and they said facial nerves could take years to heal so there is def hope
Uno-X has 19 Norwegian pro riders and 7 Norwegian development riders. They could have had a team of 26 riders in the National championship, but they have chosen to limit themselves to 15 riders. Nice, but they are still dominant in the field, controlling the race. They have no one in the brake away. I guess with Kristoff out of the race, they have less to worry about.
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They also keep talking about increasing the height of the VAM-Berg so it could be part of a tough Worlds course, but I just struggle to see it happening with how ridiuclously narrow it is everywhere.

Would probably be a great race though.