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National championships June 2021

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Utrrup refusing to work now, insisting on sitting last in the group.
As is absolutely correct, she has been away solo and has no chance in a sprint unless she exhausts the others (edit: actually we're talking Cille vs. the likes of Norsgaard. She probably has no chance even if she does exhaust the others. She needs to escape them). Dideriksen and Leth were making Norsgaard do all the work chasing for the same reason, which is why Emma gave up and then attacked them.
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Yes, but nobody not watching, had a clue who you meant.

I already mentioned earlier that she'd attacked.

But it's gone quite tacticly. To quote Siggaard (whom I quite hope to see racing at some point): "The outsiders are looking at the WT riders, and the WT riders are looking at each other, and mostly Emma."
Also, shout-out to Solbjørk Minke Anderson for being the only junior rider in the chase group.
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