National championships June 2021

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BTW, Dideriksen (the defending champion) is missing from the startlist posted earlier. However, according to Trek is is riding.

According to that startlist, Cille is actually named Uttrup Uttrup Ludwig, so there might be a few mistakes to be corrected.

If Dideriksen doens't ride the ITT the whole podium from last year will be missing. Trine Schmidt has just retired, and Birgitte Krogsgaard might have retired as well. Norsgaard looks like the favourite anyway. I hope former diver (the jumping off a springboard kind) Rebecca Koerner does well.
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Someone just showed a clip on Twitter, of Norsgaard overtaking Uttrup Ludwig on the TT - despite starting 2 minutes after - so we can comfortably call Norsgaard as the winner already.


Official result Womens ITT:

  1. Emma Norsgaard (Movistar) - Time: 39:06
  2. Louise Houbak (Ordrup Cycle Club) - Time: 40:06
  3. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (FDJ) - Time: 41:08
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Top 5 intermediate timing in the mens TT in Denmark:

Asgreen, 11 secconds ahead of Bjerg, who is 4 seconds ahead of Toft Madsen - then a 30 second gap to Larsen (Uno-X) who has 5 seconds on Norsgaard.

It's around 30 degrees with zero wind on the route, so the heat will take its toll.... several riders have already quit on the road with heat exhaustion...... which makes it a little funny, that Larsen (who is a ginger), is currently in the hot seat :p
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A quick word on Niklas Larsen - totally unrelated to the purpose of the thread:

He is going to be hot property for many WT teams this year, once he is done with the Olympics (he is on the Danish 4K track team, reigning world champions).

He is out of contract, he is a good TT rider, he can win bunch sprints, and he does well in puncheur terrain too, which he proved winning the Tour of Denmark ahead of Vingegaard in 2019.

Star in the making, I predict Jumbo pick him up.
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