National championships June 2021

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Imagine being on the FDJ roster, and being told you are the first one to work :D

Those 19 riders, is that including the conti-guys?

Yeah, I have long(ish) been amused by the madness that is FDJ at the French RR nationals. Since 2010 they've won six times, and only once did they not get any riders in the top-10.
And then there's this absolute ridiculousness from 2013!

They even went 1-2 a few times. The same two riders, though with swapped positions. Both times the guy finishing second was genuinely happy for his teammate... NOT!
The article on said "incl. 4 development riders", so I am guessing not incl. conti riders?

The conti riders are the development riders. But I only just found the article in question.

So Alaphilippe says he would have liked a more selective course... so Gaudu will probably not be the chosen one... then who?

The guy on has Armirail as his favourite. But he kinda lists them all, really...


Fun fact: Trek has the same lineup in Denmark as they did last year. Sure... Egholm wasn't officially riding for them at the time...
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Garcia won after leaving Santesteban behind with 1.5 K to go. Martin rounded out the podium and took the U23 title ahead of Cantera and Moreno. Merino last of the group.

And meanwhile, over in the Czech/Slovak race(s), it was a great day for Tereza, with Neumenova winning the Czech title - as well as the race in general - and Medvedova winning the Slovak title.
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The Croatian national ITT was won by Toni Stojanov, who appears to be a Cat 4 living in Ireland.

If you were reasonable you might assume that his categorisation in the lowest amateur ranks is a legacy of moving to Dublin and having to work his way up the categories. But I prefer to think that this means that there’s hope for a lot of people here yet...
This link shows various livestream offers from the german national championships:

Most of them are probably geo blocked. But the SWR also seems to be broadcasting via a YouTube channel, so that there is perhaps a chance for all interested parties here?:

Men's Elite is scheduled to be broadcast sunday starting at 2.30pm.

Do you have any idea whether there's some live-timing somewhere for the itt? (There are no pictures, are there?)
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