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Need A Powertap?

LOL.....on ebay.

Powertap on Ebay

From Ebay guy selling powertap said:
There's no better training tool on the market besides EPO.

I've pushed over 2000 watts on this Powertap, but only for 1 minute and it was only a few times. No one was around to see it but I have the stats to prove it. No I wasn't on EPO at the time. If I were it would have been 3000+ watts. Most of the time I'm pedaling at 80 watts so it's been very well taken care of. Bring me up to the right position in a sprint though and I'm not scared to unleash 2000 watts.

This wheel has never ridden Paris-Roubaix but if it had I probably would have won. I would have averaged 900 watts for the whole 280km with how good I was going.

I laughed so hard. I am assuming this is a piss take
Jul 6, 2009
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thats classic 2000w for a whole minute but normally rides at 80w wtf. if the guy is not joking than that is just sad the crap people say on the internet lol.